How Do You Compare the Cameras on Cell Phones?


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Compare the camera on cell phones by looking at the number of megapixels it contains, the style of its optical components and the type of image sensor within the actual camera. Other factor to compare are the resolution of the video it shoots and the graphical processing power of the phone itself.

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Cell phone cameras function in a similar capacity to that of a stand-alone digital camera, in that they rely on an image sensor, graphics processor and optical component to capture images. Some cell phone specification charts may include the specific model and ratings for these components, though many do not feature them in the most accessible place due to their overly technical nature. As such, many cell phone cameras list megapixles as a camera benchmark, which refers to the power of the camera to create high-definition images through capturing a higher density of pixels in the photo. In general, a higher megapixel value relates to a higher resolution image and thus a higher quality camera.

Some companies may also discuss an optical zoom function for the camera, which allows for increasing the image size of the picture without decreasing the quality. As many cell phone cameras also support video capturing, another specification to compare is the quality of the video. Some cameras may claim to shoot high-definition video, which must have a native resolution of at least 720p, with true high definition shooting at 1080p.

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