How Do You Compare AMD and Intel Chips?


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Compare AMD and Intel chips at CPUBenchmark.net or CPUBoss.com. The former features benchmark test results for many AMD and Intel chips in chart formats along with current market prices for many central processing units, while the latter features a tool allowing you to compare the performances of two CPUs of your choice.

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On the main page at CPUBenchmark.net, click the chart that applies to your situation. If you are shopping for the best price on a CPU, click the Best Value CPU chart. If you are shopping for the fastest CPUs for a system that supports multiple CPUs, click the Systems With Multiple CPUs chart. The charts featured on this page are updated daily to reflect the latest benchmark performance tests as well as current prices.

On the main page at CPUBoss.com, begin typing the model number for an Intel chip in the box on the left, and then select the desired model on the drop-down menu. Begin typing the model number for an AMD chip in the box on the right, and then select the desired CPU on the drop-down menu. Click the Compare button for to display each CPUs performance rating on a scale of one to 10.

When comparing CPUs, benchmark tests provide the best measure of relative performance. Benchmark tests measure the overall throughput of a CPU, which is not simply a function of clock speed but also many other factors, such as the number of cores, the amount of cache memory and the types of technologies used in the design, such as hyperthreading or pipelining.

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