What Companies Sell TVs Made in America?

What Companies Sell TVs Made in America?

Some companies that sells televisions made in America are Olevia, Vizio, Panasonic and Sharp. Then, there are also the companies Toshiba, Silo Digital and Phillips Magnavox.

The U.S.-based company Olevia produces both LED and LCD television sets. Their LED sets range in size from 22 to 42 inches, while their LCD sets come in both 32 and 42-inch sizes. While the LED models have a 1080p display and Dolby Digital surround sound, the LCDs are Energy Star-rated.

Based in California, Vizio manufactures both LED and LCD televisions, as well. Both types of TVs come in sizes ranging from 16 inches to over 50 inches. The Vizio television line also includes a 3D-capable LED television.

While Panasonic is based in Japan, they do have a manufacturing plant in the United States where a few of their TV models are assembled. For instance, their 20-inch TV/VCR combination unit is produced in the U.S. Sharp is also based in Japan; however; their Sharp Electronics Corporation division is based in New Jersey. That division produces LED and LCD televisions that have a display of up to 80 inches.

Silo Digital, based in California, also manufactures LED and LCD televisions, as well as a 3D-capable LED TV. Toshiba produces some TV models in the U.S., such as their Flat Tube HDTV and a few plasma models.