What Companies Repair Amazon Kindles?

What Companies Repair Amazon Kindles?

Powerbook Medic, Amazon.com and UBreakIFix offer send-in repair services for several different models of Amazon Kindle. Other online companies such as iFixit and Portatronics offer home repair instructions and spare parts.

Amazon.com offers send-in repair services for Amazon Kindles that are still under warranty. The customer sends in their tablet to an address that is provided by Amazon's customer service department.

UBreakIFix has several different locations in the United States, and the company's website recommends the closest mail-in repair shop based on the user's location.

IFixit allows users to post their own queries about performance issues in Amazon Kindle models. Other users or tech support workers can comment with information about how to fix basic issues such as screen glitches.

Powerbook Medic offers instruction manuals for simple repairs, as well as mail-in repair services for Kindles. This company also sells spare parts to be used with their home repair manuals. Available parts include batteries, motherboards, frames and screws. The availability of these parts varies depending on the Kindle models.

Portatronics has a wider range of available parts for many models of Amazon Kindle. The company also sells tool kits specifically designed for tablet repair. Portatronics also offers data recovery services and sells refurbished machines.