What Companies Provide Free Web Servers?

What Companies Provide Free Web Servers?

Companies that provide access to free Web servers include Webs.com, Weebly.com, AwardSpace.com and Wordpres.com, as of 2015. Each site allows users to create an account and gain access to tools that allow for the creation of a website without requirements to pay monthly or annual hosting fees, in exchange for limitations of traffic size or other features.

Webs.com offers users the ability to create a website for free using its proprietary creation tools and host it for free on one of its servers. The company offers users access to a variety of design options and social marketing tools along with the free hosting, though it does not allow for a custom domain name without signing up for one of its paid plans.

Weebly.com offers free Web server hosting on a similar model, which allows users to build a site using its design tools that involve a drag and drop functionality for direct control over its appearance. The site also offers users an unlimited number of pages for sites and 500MB of storage space.

AwardSpace.com allows users to access its Web servers for free and choose to use a default installation of a content management system to build a site or upload custom content through an FTP client. It does place limitations of file style and monthly traffic bandwidth though it does not place any ads on the site.

Wordpress.com allows users to use a modified version of its content management system for free after signing up for an account. Its free Web server hosting includes a subdomain off of Wordpress.com and includes ads on the site.