What Companies Offer Telephone and Broadband Internet Packages?


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Some companies that offer telephone and broadband Internet packages include AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Comcast, as of 2015. The full contents and prices of the packages offered by these companies vary over time and may not be available in every area, as Internet connection depends on local infrastructure.

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What Companies Offer Telephone and Broadband Internet Packages?
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AT&T offers several packages that include both Internet coverage and a home phone line, many of which are through its UVerse DSL system. These packages transfer the data over a DSL line, which uses similar services to that of a traditional phone line, or a fiber optic network in some cases, which means that the speeds are generally slower than companies offering service through a cable connection.

Many of the packages available through Verizon also include television service through either its Fios cable system or DIRECTV satellite programming in addition to phone and Internet connections. Most packages include a clause that locks the customer into a fixed rate for the plan over a set period of time to prevent price increases.

In addition to its preset phone, Internet and cable bundles, Time Warner Cable allows customers to create a custom bundle from its available services. In some cases, customers may be able to choose from different options within each service, such as faster Internet speeds or different amounts of talk time on phone plans.

Comcast offers its Internet and home phone services through the Xfinity brand in many locations. It typically offers several different packages that include different service allotments and price guarantees.

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