What Companies Offer Proxy Servers?

What Companies Offer Proxy Servers?

Some companies that offer proxy servers include AnchorFree, Proxify, Hotspot Shield, Witopia and Hide My Ass. Some of these companies offer free and paid services while others offer only paid services in different packages. Some companies provide software that users must install to access the Internet via a proxy server. Proxy servers work by intercepting requests from a computer and performing several related requests to protect a user's network.

AnchorFree offers both free and paid options. The free option comes with ads while the paid option offers a free trial before a user subscribes to the service. AnchorFree is available for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone.

Proxify offers up to 1,370 different locations that users can use to hide their real IP address. Users have three plan options include basic, pro and SwitchProxy. The basic plan covers one use, but it also offer a 3-day free trial.

Hotspot Shield, which is powered by AnchorFree, is completely free to individual users. Small businesses can pay for premium service.

Witopia offers software that users can only download after paying for a plan. Additionally, the company sells routers that come with built-in customized VPN software.

Hide My Ass, which offers three plan options, is available for Windows, iOS, Android and Apple. This software prevents hackers and snoopers from tracking a user's online activities.