What Companies Offer Inkjet Cartridge Refills?


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Costco and Fry's Electronics are national retail chains that refill inkjet printer cartridges. Both of these chains contract the third-party company Inkjet411 to provide ink refills in their stores. This service is available for major cartridge brands, including HP, Canon. Epson and Brother.

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Inkjet411 also provides refill services on select university campuses. New York University, Cornell University, Brigham Young University and the University of Virginia are among the campuses that Inkjet411 contracts with. Outside of the United States, Inkjet411 operates refill locations in Canada and France.

Refilling an ink cartridge does not void the manufacturer's warranty on the printer itself, but it may void the warranty on consumable parts such as print heads. The printer manufacturer is not required to warranty the printer against damage specifically caused by the refilled cartridge. HP is an example of a manufacturer that does not cover damage caused by refilled cartridges with its warranty.

Inkjet cartridge refills are legal under U.S. law. A 2012 United States Court of Appeals ruling and a 2014 Supreme Court ruling both uphold the legality of refills and third-party cartridges. Circumventing a printer manufacturer's cartridge security to refill the cartridge is not a violation of patent or copyright. This ruling also allows ink companies to sue printer manufacturers who make false claims regarding refills and third-party cartridges.

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