What Companies Offer Free Downloadable Scanner Software?

What Companies Offer Free Downloadable Scanner Software?

Nearly all scanner manufacturers offer free downloadable scanner drivers and software for customers on their company websites. HP, Canon and Epson are three scanner manufacturers that have drivers and software utilities available for the products they manufacture. Universal scanner software is also available by companies such as Opalis.

Those trying to install a new scanner must visit the scanner manufacturer's website to find the drivers if a driver disk was not provided with the device or if there is no optical drive installed on the computer.

To find driver software for an Epson scanner, go to Epson.com, and click on Drivers & Support. On the next page, find the appropriate product category and click on the image of the device. This opens a list of different series available for that device.

Click on the series that corresponds with the scanner. A list of links to various models of scanners appears that are listed by both model number and product name. Clicking on any of these links directs the browser to a page with options such as Drivers & Downloads, FAQs, Manuals and Contact Support. Click the link labeled Drivers & Downloads.

The page that opens has a drop-down menu to select the operating system on the computer, and then below that is a list of recommended software, drivers, utilities and administrator tools. After downloading either the recommended software or the individual scanner driver, users are prompted to install it. After the installation completes, the scanner is ready for use.