What Companies Make a Wireless Keyboard That Works With a Smart TV?

Logitech, Samsung, iPazz and Getso make wireless keyboards designed to work with smart televisions. Models are available in Bluetooth, infrared and radio frequency communication designs. Bluetooth models can communicate directly with the smart TV. Infrared and radio frequency styles need a transceiver inserted into a USB slot on the TV.

When selecting a model, the size of the room should be considered. Infrared and radio frequency keypads usually have a more limited range than those that use Bluetooth. Also, some keyboards have a built-in trackpad, while others require a separate wireless mouse to give the user complete smart TV control. Some keyboards are specifically designed for television use, while others are conventional computer keyboards compatible with smart TVs.

The Logitech Keyboard Controller K700 is designed specifically for use with smart TVs with built-in trackpads and keys you would typically find on a TV remote, such as Channel Up, Channel Down, Fast Forward, Rewind and Pause. The K750 is solar-powered and recharges from the room lighting, while the K800 has backlit keys to allow for use when watching TV in the dark.

The Samsung VG-KBDI 1500 is a generally well-rated Bluetooth keyboard and is compatible with all Samsung model smart TVs, although it may have problems with other brands. The iPazzPort Mini has a built in trackpad and is designed to work with Android and Google TV applications. The Getso is a basic keyboard that requires the purchase of a separate wireless mouse.