Which Companies Allow You to Top up Your Mobile Phone Online?

T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Sprint and AT&T allow subscribers to top up their mobile phones online, enabling this option through their websites with account registration. People can either use a credit card, checking account or refill card to top up their phones.

To "top up" means to pay or refill the balance on a prepaid mobile phone account when it is low, depleted or expired, adding funds to pay for minutes and other services. Topping up lets the subscriber continue or resume service for a prepaid phone plan. Subscribers can visit their providers' website and click on the option for bill payment or search for "top up" to learn if the company provides this option.

Some companies have a minimum refill value; for instance, AT&T requires a minimum refill of $10. Refills may have expiration periods, rollover minutes and limits. Some companies, such as T-Mobile, have an automated refill option.

Refill cards, another common method of topping up, are redeemable not only online but by phone. They are available at authorized locations and retail stores. Other methods of topping up are refilling by phone, using Western Union, sending a check or money order to a payment center, making scheduled payments, or paying in-store.