What Are Some of the Commonly Used Keyboard Control Commands?


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Some commonly used keyboard controls for Windows computers include copying an item with the Control and the C key, pasting an item with Control and V or opening a new window with Control and N. Apple computers feature the same functions, but with the Command key instead of Control.

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Many of the keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS and Windows involve the same keys for other functions, as well. For example, pressing the P key with either Command or Control initiates a printing function on both computer types. Command or Control along with the F key launches a search or find prompt in many programs. Additionally, Command or Control plus the T key opens a new tab in a Web browser. To reopen a tab after closing it, press Command or Control along with the Shift key and the T key.

Several keyboard shortcuts also utilize the Alt key along with other keys, such as pressing Alt and Tab on a Windows machine to switch between open windows. The same command on a Mac OS machine cycles through open programs. To switch between open windows within a program on a Mac OS machine, press Alt and the tilde key. Mac OS also allows users to take a screenshot by pressing the Command key along with Shift and the number four key.

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