What Are the Most Commonly Used Computer Acronyms?


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Some of the most commonly used computer acronyms include BIOS (basic input/output system), CPU (central processing unit), HTML (hypertext markup language), JPEG (joint photographic experts group), LCD (liquid crystal display), MPEG (motion picture experts group) and USB (universal serial bus). Some of these, like CPU, LCD and USB refer to hardware, whereas others, such as JPEG and MPEG refer to types of data stored on the hardware.

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Another common acronym, albeit more colloquial than technical, is BSoD, which stands for "blue screen of death." This is the Microsoft "Stop Error" in which a computer unexpectedly freezes and displays a blue screen with white text.

Other common acronyms refer to network connections between computers. An example is LAN, which stands for "local area network." This is a network in which computers within close proximity to each other are connected to the same router. An ISP, or "internet service provider," is the company responsible for maintaining a personal or business Internet connection for a fee.

TLA is a kind of meta-acronym, standing for "three-letter acronym" and referring to other computer acronyms, such as CPU, ISP and USB that have three letters. Another common three-letter acronym is SSD, which stands for "solid state drive." As a storage device without moving parts, this is contrasted with the HDD ("hard disk drive"), a more common storage device with spinning disks inside.

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