What Are the Common Uses of Computers in Everyday Life?

Entertainment, business and learning are three common uses of computers in everyday life. Computers influence almost every part of humans' daily lives and come in many forms. Smartphones and tablets are computers and have the same components under the hood.

From watching movies to listening to music, computers have numerous options to entertain users. Computers can watch DVDs, play movies from internal storage and stream films from the Internet. Media player applications can help users discover, purchase and play music. Apple's iTunes application is an entertainment platform that offers music, movies and TV series.

People also use computers to play video games. Applications like Steam let players discover new games, access their gaming libraries from any computer and play together with friends. As of 2015, more than 125 million players actively use Steam to play more than 4,500 video game titles.

Computers can also fulfill professional roles. People from all kinds of industries use computers to prepare presentations, watch global markets, set up online shops and organize their workforces. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle and Autodesk develop applications that are specifically designed to help professionals.

Students use computers to study for their courses and complete their homework. Some educational institutions have abandoned printed grade reports and publish students' grades online instead. The Internet offers instant access to study material.