What Are Some Common Uses of Biometric Technology?


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Biometric technology is primarily used for biometric authentication, or identifying individuals based off of their biological characteristics. This type of authentication is commonly used in airport security, building or car access, blood banks and schools. By using biometric data to identify individuals, it becomes easier to keep areas secure while minimizing lengthy wait times caused by security checks. Biometric technology also makes it more difficult to break into secure areas.

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There are many different ways in which biometric technology allows for biometric authentication. Almost any part of the body can be used to identify a specific individual. Types of biometric authentication include DNA matching, iris and retina recognition, face recognition and fingerprint recognition.

Biometric technology can also identify individuals based off of finger or hand geometry, gait, odor, vein pattern and voice. Secondary aspects of biometric authentication focus on an individual's writing, specifically the signature. All of this technology is particularly helpful in terms of police work and overall security.

Because of the increase in technological capability, biometric technology has also become more commonplace. Some smartphones have fingerprint recognition, allowing users to unlock the screen with a simple touch of the home key. Mobile sign-ins to bank accounts are much faster when the system is able to identify users by biometric data.

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