What Are Some Common Types of Scams Reported on Snopes?


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Common types of scams reported on by Snopes include employment scams, sales scams and phishing scams. Phishing is a specific type of email scam that tricks consumers into entering their personal information into fraudulent websites.

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Employment scams featured on Snopes include secret shopper scams, fraudulent Google jobs and government job scams. These scams offer jobs in return for training or materials; the consumer pays for required items, but the jobs do not exist. Some job scams continue to charge victims' cards for increasing amounts of money and make it difficult to cancel the recurring charges.

Gift card fraud, fraudulent cashier's checks and counterfeit or nonexistent merchandise are all sales scams reported on by Snopes. Cashier's check scams are targeted at online sellers, while merchandise scams are targeted at buyers. Gift card scams are targeted at both buyers and merchants, but not directly; in these scams, the thief takes note of gift card numbers in a store. The thief checks the balance on the card numbers and uses the card number to access funds on any activated cards.

Phishing scammers present themselves as representatives of a legitimate company to access consumers' personal or financial information. Phishing scammers use emails to direct customers to fraudulent sites that appear to be legitimate banking or commerce sites. When the customer logs into the site, the scammers steal the login information.

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