What Are Some Common Types of Free Mobile Apps?

What Are Some Common Types of Free Mobile Apps?

A number of free apps exist to perform a variety of functions, including gaming, streaming videos and social networking. Utility apps, such as calendars and stopwatches, are also commonly distributed free of charge.

Free games are one of the most popular types of free apps. A variety of game genres exist, ranging from simulation games to shooting games. Free games often offer paid bonuses and upgrades in the game in the form of in app purchases.

Nearly all social networks offer free apps for both Android and iOS devices. These apps allow users to chat and play games with other members on the social network. Some apps, such as Facebook and Skype, even allow users to video chat with each other via their mobile devices.

Camera apps are another popular category of free apps. These types of apps not only capture images, but also include a wide range of tools and filters for editing the images. Many free camera apps can also post images directly to social networking sites.

Many news outlets also offer free apps. For instance, BBC News, Fox News and CNN all offer free apps with daily news articles and videos. Some television channels, including ESPN, also offer similar free apps.