What Are Some Common Texting Terms?


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Some common texting terms include IMO ("in my opinion"), INR ("I know, right?"), IDK ("I don't know") and BTW ("by the way"). Those texting terms are commonly used among teenagers and young people.

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Texting terms are slang or combinations of shortened words, creative spellings and sometimes unusual punctuation. They are often referred to as SMS language or "textese." Texting terms were initially created and used with mobile phone text messages, in large part because text messages used to be limited to 160 characters and text entry was difficult on early phones. As of 2015, SMS language is still commonly used with other Internet-based communication such as email and instant messaging.

In SMS language, "143" means "I love you," as the number stands for the number of letters in each word: "I" is a one-word letter, "love" contains four letters, and "you" contains three. However, "224" means "Today, tomorrow, forever." The number 224 is not related to the number of letters in each word. The term is solely made up based on the similar pronunciations, as the number two is pronounced as same as the first syllable of "today" and "tomorrow," and the number four is pronounced similarly to the first syllable of "forever." In SMS language in general, the number two stands for "to" or "too."

"NSFW" is also a common texting term that stands for "not safe for work." If the term is attached to a link, the sender is advising the recipient not to open it while in the workplace because the link might contain inappropriate content. Similar to NSFW, "NSFL" stands for "not safe for life" and is attached to particularly disturbing material.

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