What Are Some Common Text Message Codes?


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Common text message codes include 2moro, 2nite, BRB and BTW. These codes are words or phrases that are shortened to make texting easier and faster. 2moro means tomorrow, 2nite means tonight, BRB refers to be right back and BTW means by the way.

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There are hundreds of texting phrases that are shortened to allow for easier communication while texting. Below is a quick reference guide that lists some of the more common codes and what they mean.

  • B4N - Bye for now.
  • BCNU - Be seeing you.
  • BFF - Best friends forever.
  • CYA - See ya.
  • DBEYR - Don't believe everything you read.
  • FUD - Fear, uncertainty and disinformation; used to describe such feelings.
  • FWIW - For what it's worth.
  • GR8 - great.
  • IRL - In real life, a phrase often used in video game chat.
  • ISO - I search for, commonly seen in wanted classifieds.
  • L8R - Shortened version of "later".
  • LYLAS - Love you like a sister.
  • MHOTY - My hat's off to you; it's used as a compliment.
  • NIMBY - Not in my backyard.
  • NP - No problem.
  • NUB - Refers to someone with little to no experience in a game or activity; rhymes with tube when spoken.
  • OIC - Oh I see.
  • OMG - Oh my God or Oh my Gosh.
  • POV - Point of View
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