What Are Some Common Telephone Star Codes?


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Common telephone star codes include *65, *67, *77, *82 and *85. Other common star codes are *69, *89, *57, *72 and *73. Certain star codes usually vary with service providers and it is important to check with the individual provider what particular star codes differ from the standard.

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The star code *65 normally activates a caller ID, and *67 deactivates it, *77 rejects anonymous calls, *89 redials the last number called, and *89 cancels the redial. The star code *57 is used for malicious caller identification and officially initiates a trace of the caller, even when the number is anonymous. Star code *72 activates the call forwarding feature, and *73 deactivates the forwarding. Star codes are normally dialed before making a call and remain active until the call ends.

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