What Are Some Common Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Computer?


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A common sign that it is time to replace your computer is that it no longer meets the user's needs. If the repair cost is too high or the system suffers a complete failure, it may be time to purchase a new system, notes PCMag.

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What Are Some Common Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Computer?
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There are times when a computer's hardware becomes so outdated, it can't run the latest software. People who use their computers for gaming or video editing may find a new, more advanced machine better meets their needs.

If the system has suffered a complete failure, such as a motherboard failure or a burnt out CPU, purchasing a new computer may be the only option. Repairs for this type of failure are often just as expensive as buying a new machine. This is especially true for machines that are older than 3 or 4 years.

If upgrading the system components such as memory or the CPU fails to resolve problems, it is probably time to buy a new computer, according to PCMag. In addition, if a machine has been hit by lightning or will not turn on after a major power surge, it must be replaced. Electrical damage typically ruins all the components and damages the inside of the case.

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