What Are Some Common Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Office?


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Some common keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office include Alt and Tab for switching to the next window and a combination of Alt, Tab and Shift for switching to the previous window. Pressing Alt and F4 closes the active window.

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Pressing Ctrl and F10 maximizes or restores a selected window. When there are two or more open windows, pressing Ctrl and F6 switches to the next window, while a combination of Ctrl, Shift and F6 switches to the previous window. Pressing Print Screen copies a picture of the current screen to the clipboard. Pressing Alt and Print Screen copies only the picture of the selected window to the clipboard.

In Microsoft Word, pressing Ctrl and B makes selected text bold, Ctrl and I makes it italic, while pressing Ctrl and U underlines the text. A combination of Ctrl and X cuts selected text or objects, while Ctrl and C copies it. Pressing Ctrl and V pastes the content from the clipboard.

In Microsoft Excel, pressing Ctrl and 2 applies bold formatting, Ctrl and 3 applies italic formatting, while Ctrl and 4 applies underlining. Pressing Ctrl and 9 hides the selected rows, while Ctrl and 0 hides the selected columns. Ctrl and A selects the entire worksheet.

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