What Are Some Common Short Codes for Text Messaging?


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Common abbreviations used for text messages include LOL, MSG, TTYL, OMG and NBD, according to txtDrop.com. Text messages contain other common abbreviations such as n00B, OIC, PLZ, M8 and SRY. Some abbreviations sound like longer words, whereas other acronyms represent the first letters of words.

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What Are Some Common Short Codes for Text Messaging?
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Abbreviations and acronyms that contain the first letters of words are pronounced as individual letters or as words themselves. For example, LOL stands for "laugh out loud," which means the person who texted this abbreviation laughed out loud for others to hear. The letters TTYL abbreviate "talk to you later," which is a phrase that means goodbye. The series OMG stands for "Oh my god," or a phrase that expresses shock and surprise.

Some abbreviations sound like longer words when said quickly. The letters OIC stand for "Oh I see," meaning someone understands. The letters SRY are short for the word sorry, yet the three letters still sound like the longer word. The abbreviation PLZ means the word please.

Other text abbreviations contain numbers or symbols that shorten words. For instance, the alphanumeric sequence M8 is short for the word mate. The sequence n00B means "newbie," or someone who is inexperienced at something.

Websites that contain thousands of texting abbreviations include NetLingo, Webopedia and Abbreviations.com. These resources list abbreviations alphabetically.

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