What Are Some Common Samsung Fault Codes?


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Some Samsung washing machine fault codes include 5E, 4E and IE. Code 5E shows the machine has failed to drain water. Code 4E means there is a water fill timeout where the machine has failed to fill with water within the required time. IE shows that there is a problem with the water level sensor. This situation means the machine has detected an error with the pressure sensor or switch.

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You can rectify the 5E error by using the Start/Pause button; the machine will attempt to drain the water when it restarts. Concurrently, make sure the filter and the drain hose do not have obstructions, check the pressure sensor hose and air chamber, and check the connections to the water drain pump. To correct the 4E error, use the Start/Pause button so the machine restarts and tries to fill with water again. Also, check if the water supply is on and not frozen, make sure the connections and wiring to the water inlet valve are in place, and check for any possible blockages in the air chamber and pressure sensor hose.

For the IE error, the machine will respond by draining the water for three minutes and turning off the water drain pump. Also, check the water level sensor, examine the wiring to the water pressure sensor, and make sure the connections to the water level sensor are okay.

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