What Are Some Common Roku Problems?


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Some common Roku problems that consumers encounter include network connection issues to certain Wi-Fi networks and the slow load time of channels. Another common Roku issue involves frozen channels.

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Network connection issues are one of the most typical problems with Roku. Often what occurs is constant disconnection shortly after establishing the connection. Additionally, the Roku device often streams at a low speed and produces low-quality video despite the user having a high-speed Internet connection.

Also, channels freeze on the Roku device after watching any particular channel for an extended period. Frozen channels force the user to manually reset the device and lose the information of recently viewed channels. Another issue involves commercials repeating in an endless loop after watching a show's segment or at the end of a movie.

The Roku remote is also known to have a reduced range that requires the consumer to stand very close to her TV set or forcing use of the Roku mobile application. Users complain the app requires resetting for a proper connection. Finally, another common issue involves a black screen. To fix this problem, users must reset the Roku device. Resetting the device is often required to make the Roku device work and resolve common issues.

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