What Are Common Reviews of Chromebooks?


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As of 2015, most reviews for Chromebooks are positive but there are some negative and mixed reviews as well. Positive reviews mention that Chromebooks are user-friendly, lightweight, well built and offer good performance. Negative reviews note that Chromebooks have limited capabilities, poor touch pads and small internal memories.

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Different Chromebook models receive differing reviews. Several reviewers on Amazon rated Chromebooks with four stars because they are easy to set-up and use, fast and cheap. Other reviewers mentioned that Chromebooks are light, have good libraries of pre-installed applications and long battery lives. One reviewer stated that the Chromebook boots quickly and has access to the Chrome app store that has numerous easy-to-install applications. Many reviewers mentioned that Chromebooks are secure, eliminating the need to install additional antivirus software.

Several reviewers stated that Chromebooks allow users to sync operations with all Google applications, and the keyboard is well designed. Others also mention that the display resolution is good. However, some reviewers complained that Chromebooks do not have a true operating system and limit accessibility to websites supported by Google Chrome only.

Some reviewers complained of the small read-only memory, which does not allow large back-up file storage. One reviewer stated that some Chromebooks do support Bluetooth connectivity, but that some track pads do not work. Other reviewers stated that the laptop slows down when accessing more than 10 tabs on the browser, and it has a touchy ambient light sensor.

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