What Are Some Common Repairs for Big-Screen TVs?


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Common repairs for big-screen TVs can include general problems like a poor or nonperforming picture, a lack of sound or no power; or specific problems like stuck or dead pixels. Depending upon the issue, the owners can have repairs done for them or attempt to do it themselves.

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Different TV makes and models experience different problems. Best Buy's Geek Squad can repair most common problems, as of 2015. As an alternative to having a professional repair the television problem, Sony TV Repair offers guidance for do-it-yourself options. For example, if the problem is that pixels on the screen are sticking, a possible resolution is to lightly tap the screen in the affected area, either with the fingers or a dull tool. If this does not resolve the problem, then it is wise to bring it to a reputable and professional TV repair person. Another popular brand, Samsung generates common complaints for motion blur, particularly on units with a 60 megahertz, or MHz, speed. This can be avoided by opting for TVs that operate at 120 or 240 MHz, as the image is clearer. While all big-screen TVs can experience some problems and require repair, they remain a popular buying option for consumers.

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