What Are Some Common Record Player Repairs?


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Some common repairs for turntables are replacing the needle, replacing the motor, adjusting or replacing the drive belt on older turntables, and repairing power connections. Simply cleaning the turntable might improve sound quality and durability, especially for older units.

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On a newer model of turntable, replacement needles snap on fairly easily and are available at any record supply store. For an older model, the task can be more complex. Always make sure to clean the turntable carefully and use a magnifying glass when working with needles, as there are small parts.

If a turntable does not turn on, check the wires on the rear of the unit for cracking and wear. If the power cord is removable, remove it, and inspect the connections on the unit and those on both ends of the cord. Soldering might be necessary if a power connection is damaged. The turntable's drive is a motor with either a direct drive chassis or a belt drive system. The belt can be replaced if it looks worn. The motor can be replaced for some turntables, but at considerable expense and difficulty.

The tonearm can fall out of alignment and the needle may not touch the record. Reset the tonearm by stopping the record and rotating the tonearm 90 degrees.

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