What Are the Most Common Reasons Why Your IPad Is Not Charging?


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Common reasons for an iPad not to be charging include software issues, charging port damage or an unsupported charging cable. The use of an Apple approved USB-to-iPad charging cable helps to avoid this issue. Approved connector cables are available through Apple and approved dealers.

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The iPad also has trouble charging when connected to a computer that is in standby, hibernation or sleep mode. The computer also needs to be connected to a power supply during charging.

Try different ports if the iPad still does not charge. The charging port should also be inspected to ensure that it is not damaged. The port can be damaged while inserting and removing the charging cable. Plugging the iPad’s charging cable into a different wall outlet can also help in some situations. The charging cable can also be worn from normal wear and tear. Replace the cable and try to charge the iPad again to resolve this issue.

Charging issues might also be the result of a software issue. If the iPad is still not charging, restoring it through iTunes could possibly resolve the issue. Before restoring the iPad, it is recommended that users create a backup to either iTunes or iCloud. Contact Apple support or visit a local Apple Store for further troubleshooting assistance.

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