What Are Some Common Problems With Windows Media Player 12?


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Some common problems with Windows Media Player 12 are its inability to play certain AVI movie files and its Internet connection issues. Another known issue with the media player is that the playlist freezes when moving to the next track.

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When playing certain AVI files, users encounter audio and picture issues including sound reduction and no sound or picture when playing the file, as of 2015. Additionally, users often resort to restarting Windows Media Player 12, due to poor Internet connection. While the computer is online, the player shows that there is no connection. This poor connection forces users to restart the media player until it shows it has an Internet connection.

While using the media player, the playlist often freezes when trying to go to the next track or skip ahead. This causes Windows Media Player 12 to crash and forces the user to restart the program. Another common issue for Windows Media Player 12 is that the Web help button does not work. Pressing the link for the help option does not always initiate launching the external help Web page. This action forces users to search for the Web page for assistance.

Finally, users encounter the error messages "able to retrieve data" or "missing codecs file" when trying to play a media file. These messages appear when additional media files need installation.

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