What Are Some Common Problems With Using Microsoft Surface?


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Common problems with using Microsoft Surface include unresponsiveness to touch, malfunctioning kick-stands, a failure to turn on, a black or faint screen and a non-functional camera. Other problems include the failure of the battery to charge and the failure of some gestures to work.

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If a Microsoft Surface has an unresponsive screen, it is often an indication that built-up dirt is making it difficult for the screen to track the user's fingers. The problem is also caused by a cracked screen, which affects the accuracy of the user's touch abilities. An unresponsive screen might also result from inaccurate calibration, which can be eliminated by changing the Calibrate Vision System properties.

A malfunctioning kickstand is usually caused by damaged hinges that prevent the kick-stand from opening and closing properly. Problems with turning the Surface on and with getting the Surface to show a signal during charging are often caused by a broken power adapter. Further, a dead battery pack makes the tablet lose power after disconnection from the power adapter. A faulty motherboard or charging port could also prevent the tablet from turning on.

If the display is black or faint, there might be faulty display settings or a malfunctioning backlight. This problem requires manual adjusting of the brightness settings or a replacement of the backlight. Power supply problems are caused by faulty connectors or surface charging ports.

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