What Are Some Common Problems With Sony TVs?

Some common problems with Sony TVs include poor connections between the screen and other parts of the TV, stuck pixels and dead pixels. If the screen stays black when the power button is pushed, it may be that the connection is weak and not receiving enough electricity.

A black screen can also indicate a malfunction in the remote control that may be solved by replacing the batteries.

The problem of stuck pixels occurs more often in older Sony models than newer models. A common fix is to tap the affected area of the screen lightly with your finger or an object that won’t scratch, to loosen the pixels trapped under the layers of the screen. If this method doesn’t work, the problem may be more complex and require a professional.

Fix the problem of dead pixels by acquiring a pixel correction DVD in an electronics store. Set the colors of the TV to maximum, insert the DVD and let it run. It verifies the dead pixels and remedies the problem.