What Are Some Common Problems With Smart TVs?


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Some common problems with smart TVs include unexpected crashes or freezing, security or privacy issues and, in the case of voice-enabled and motion-sensor controls, unresponsiveness to voice commands and gestures. Some consumers have also complained about the overly complicated interface.

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As smart TVs use computer chips, memory and processors, crashes and lagging are often reported with some apps. Crashes may also occur during upgrades, causing televisions to switch themselves off. As Tom's Guide notes, however, this common problem is typically solved by turning the set off and on again.

Many of Samsung's customers have reported display and sound issues with the manufacturer's smart TVs. As reported to Consumer Affairs, these problems have included unresponsive screens displaying nothing but the Samsung logo, poor sound quality characterized by static and dark patches on light backgrounds.

While security breaches through smart TVs are not as common as some other problems, there is a serious risk that consumers could be exploited by hackers who know how to use the underlying Linux operating system of many sets. It is therefore recommended to avoid using smart TVs for banking or credit card transactions. More common are privacy issues, such as data collection by the manufacturers themselves, in LG's case even after users opted for them not to.

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