What Are Some Common Problems With Shopify?


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Common problems with Shopify include duplicate title tags, duplicate content, 404 page errors, duplicate meta descriptions, and slow response. These problems, if not identified and solved early enough, can negatively impact organic search engine results, which is important to any e-commerce website.

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Generally, 404 errors occur when a person clicks a link to view a particular product only to find a page missing the content indicated on the previous page or link. Webmasters can track these issues by configuring Google Webmaster Tools within the Web store. The tools show all URLs that have the error, making it easier to solve the problem.

Duplicate title tags occur when the e-commerce site keeps products at multiple URLs. A person can use the Google Webmaster Tools to find pages containing duplicate title tags. Using the rel=?canonical? tag helps to eliminate this problem. Slow response is a common problem with Shopify because it is a hosted platform, meaning that many other sites share the same servers. Opting for a self-hosted option can help solve this issue.

Another common problem is multiple pages having duplicate meta descriptions. This occurs due to poor sorting of product pages and collections. This can be addressed by preventing search engines from crawling pages created by tags.

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