What Are Some Common Problems With Samsung Smart TVs?


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Many Samsung smart TV owners have reported problems with the displays of their televisions either ceasing to function entirely or developing several horizontal or vertical lines running through the picture. Some Samsung televisions have also been affected by software issues that have affected the Internet connectivity of their televisions or the performance of apps running on the television.

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Many pre-2012 Samsung smart televisions appear to have been constructed using high-voltage capacitors with a high failure rate that could cause the television to power up slowly or to lose power altogether. A class-action lawsuit was filed regarding these failures in 2011 and settled in 2012, with Samsung agreeing to service televisions built between 2006 and 2008 for power-related issues. However, many consumers believe defective capacitors may have been used in models built outside of the time frame that Samsung agreed to service under the terms of the settlement.

A bug in a software update affected several models of Samsung smart televisions in early 2015, causing the Smart Hub software in the televisions to lose the ability to resolve Internet addresses. As a result, movie streaming apps and other software that depended on an Internet connection ceased working. Samsung resolved the issue within two days of the initial software update.

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