What Are Some Common Problems With the Samsung Galaxy S?


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Common problems in Samsung Galaxy S phones include fast battery drain, camera issues, unexpected restarts and general slowdown. These problems, including ghost touches on the screen or unresponsive Wi-Fi, are either mechanical or software failures. However, most of the Samsung Galaxy S problems are easy to solve.

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Although not extensively problematic, some Samsung Galaxy S phones have faulty charging systems, unclear speakers and failure to display received text messages. Other users experience problems when deleting photos, downloading from the Internet or accessing contacts. These problems may arise from virus infection, insufficient storage space or physical damage. Users should contact an authorized dealer to get fixes for these problems.

Batteries begin to drain fast as they age, but the problem can result from running too many applications or failing to activate battery-saving mode. Batteries with physical damage get too hot and should be replaced. Damaged batteries make poor contacts with the phone, leading to unexpected restarts. Unexpected restart problems are addressed by replacing the battery, removing external storage devices or restoring the factory settings.

Unresponsive Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems are solved by disabling the application’s power-save mode, setting the mobile data setting to off, or moving to an area with a stronger signal. General slowdown is solved by restoring factory settings or seeking assistance from an authorized dealer.

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