What Is Some Common Problems Reported With the Microsoft Windows 7 System?


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Some common problems reported with the Microsoft Windows 7 system include shutting down slowly, hanging during shutdown, lack of intermittent sound, failure to join a Home Group and registration errors after hardware upgrades. Other problems include failure of Aero effects and incompatibility with older programs.

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Shutting down slowly in Microsoft Windows 7 is caused by setting the page file to clear at shutdown. Visual effects that use high system memory and graphics also cause the slow speed. Hanging during shutdown results from slow system processes that require disabling. Altering the sound options may lead to lack of intermittent sound. Failure to select speakers as the default device also causes this problem.

Problems in joining a Home Group in Microsoft Windows 7 may be caused by failure to set the network to Home. It is also caused by failure to turn on the PC that created the Home Group. Registration errors after major hardware upgrades are caused by mismatches between system configurations and Microsoft files. Failure of the online activation code may automatically reject other computers that use the key.

Failure of the Aero effects in Microsoft Windows 7 is caused by incompatibility with the graphics card. It may also result from disabling Aero in the registry and failure to enable the Aero theme fully. Incompatibility with older programs is caused by failure to check for PC compatibility at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Installed Windows 7 themes may change system icons such as the Recycle Bin and Computer.

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