What Are Common Problems With PC Matic?


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Common problems with PC Matic include a lengthy registration process, slowing down other programs while running, an expensive installation, an inability to work well with antivirus software and a lack of customer support. Other problems include inaccuracy and use of a false detection mechanism.

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Individuals must go through the lengthy process of creating an account and submitting a license key before installing the software. During installation, other programs on the computer do not run, making it difficult to use the computer for other purposes. Additionally, the installation process can fail even after trying several times with different computers. The installation and maintenance costs are very high, making it difficult to keep the software operational.

According to some reviewers on Amazon.com, the software is difficult to install and does not work well with Anti Virus Guard and McAfee software. The company offers little or no help to customers who call seeking for help when the software fails. Additionally, it doesn't provide a refund when the software fails completely.

Other reviewers complain that the software is ineffective and doesn't detect some viruses in the computer. It also does not offer frequent updates for drivers, making the computer less efficient. Additionally, some note that the software uses an inaccurate detection mechanism that generates false positives. The process of scanning the computer is slow, and it can take a couple of days before providing the report about the computer issues.

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