What Are Common Problems With Magic Jack Plus?


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Common problems with MagicJack Plus include too many phones on the line, a phone set to the wrong mode, too short a voicemail delay and bandwidth that's too low. MagicJack Plus is a device that lets users people make telephone calls via the Internet.

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If the sum of the ringer equivalence numbers of the phones connected to the MagicJack Plus total more than 2 or 2.5, calls received are likely to go straight to voicemail. This occurs as well if there are multiple devices connected to the MagicJack Plus or if the call-in delay for voicemail is less than 45 seconds. If a phone has a ringer mode, it must be set to ringer mode B to work correctly with MagicJack Plus. In addition, if Internet bandwidth is low or is shared with other users, it can cause problems with MagicJack Plus.

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