What Are Some Common Problems With EMachines PCs?


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Common problems with eMachines PCs, according to reviewers on Amazon.com, are that the PCs do not connect to the Internet, don't come with operating systems and don’t output to the monitors. Other complaints include that the PCs do not come with paperwork, they randomly restart and the motherboards frequently die.

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One customer complains that the eMachines computer does not connect to the Internet and that there was no paperwork included in the factory-sealed box. Another consumer notes that the first eMachines computer purchased had no operating system, and the second could not connect to the Internet. One review states that after he powered on the computer, the light came on, but there was no video output coming from the computer.

Additionally, a review from Amazon.com says that the motherboard randomly died, the CD/DVD drive opened and closed regularly without prompt, and there was a period of time when the eMachines PC would attempt to restart itself, but after powering down, it would be unable to reboot.

A different consumer notes that he called tech support to find a solution to his computer’s power issues, and tech support informed him that he needed to call the eMachines replacement part phone number to replace the motherboard. Yet, after calling the replacement part phone number, he was told that the eMachines parts department does not offer a replacement motherboard.

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