What Are Some Common PC Keyboard Shortcut Commands?


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Some common keyboard shortcuts for a Windows PC include Ctrl and C for copying, Ctrl and X for cutting, and Ctrl and V for pasting. Pressing Ctrl and A selects all the text in a document or all the files and folders in a window.

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Keyboard shortcuts on a PC typically consist of modifier keys such as Alt, Ctrl and Shift in conjunction with other keys. Some shortcuts also feature the function keys. An example is Alt and F4, which closes the active window. Also, a combination of Alt and F6 switches between multiple windows of the same program.

In a Web browser, Ctrl and N opens a new window, while Ctrl and W closes the current window or tab. If a browser supports tabs, Ctrl and T opens a new tab. The combination of Alt and D moves the focus to the address bar. Pressing Alt and Home opens the browser's homepage.

In documents, the combination of Ctrl and B turns the bolding feature on and off. Pressing Ctrl and U turns the underlining feature on and off. The combination of Ctrl and Z undoes the most recent action. Pressing Ctrl and F turns on the Find feature. While pressing Ctrl and Backspace deletes the previous word, pressing Ctrl and Del deletes the next word.

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