What Are Some Common Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP?


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The most commonly used keyboard shortcut commands in Windows XP include Select All, Copy, Paste, Cut and Undo; execute these commands by pressing the Ctrl key in conjunction with the A, C, V, X and Z keys, respectively. Other frequently used shortcuts are performed with the use of a single keystroke. Such commands include canceling the current task, refreshing the active window, and viewing the parent of an open folder by pressing the Esc, F5 or Backspace keys, respectively.

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Some Windows XP keyboard shortcuts are specific to the type of environment in which the user is working. When browsing the Internet, pressing the Backspace key navigates to the previous Web page, if available. In an open dialog box, pressing Ctrl + Tab navigates forwards through tabs; pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab navigates through tabs in reverse.

While performing any task, pressing the Windows key in combination with certain letter keys performs actions related to the Windows environment as a whole. For example, pressing Windows + D immediately displays the Windows desktop, while pressing Windows + M minimizes every window. Pressing Windows + L locks the computer under normal circumstances, or switches to other users if the computer is not connected to a network domain.

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