What Are the Most Common Issues With the Kindle Fire?


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The most common issues with the Kindle Fire tablets include the inability to turn on the device, problems with establishing a connection between the device and a computer and experiencing freezes during the startup process. Other problems include encountering error messages when trying to start certain apps, being unable to establish a wireless connection and the inability to fully charge the battery.

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The most common problems with Internet use on Kindle Fire tablets include the poor performance and frequent crashing of the pre-installed Web browser and email accounts not working at all. Kindle Fire users can resolve the issues with the default Web browser by clearing the cache and stored data or downloading a third-party Web browser, such as Dolphin. Similarly, trying a different email app is the easiest solution to problems with email accounts.

Users can resolve most of these issues by performing a soft or factory reset. The former method involves holding the power switch for 20 seconds and turning the device back on once it reboots. Although the latter method can resolve more issues, the downside is that it removes all personal data from the device, making it necessary to perform a backup before proceeding. This method involves accessing the Device section from the Settings menu and selecting the Reset to Factory Defaults option. Once the process completes in a few minutes, the device should reboot automatically.

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