What Are Some Common Issues With Garmin Nuvi GPS Units?

Common issues with Garmin nuvi GPS units include failure to start, failure to detect signals, missing audio, failure to detect satellite and unresponsive touchscreens. Other issues include failure to hold charge, failure to unlock maps, rapid shut down, Bluetooth problems and failure to read memory cards.

A defective logic board or a depleted battery can cause the Garmin nuvi 200 to not turn on. Failure to master reset a nuvi 3580 after turning the GPS on can cause failure to navigate. A broken or a worn out battery can result in charge issues in the Garmin nuvi 200. A faulty speaker or an active mute function can cause distorted audio in the nuvi 360.

A nuvi 660 GPS receiver may fail to acquire satellite if it is being used for the first time, when loading a brand new map or region, or if the device has not been in use for an extended period. Out of date firmware, a cracked screen or a dead battery may cause the nuvi 200 touchscreen to remain blank.

An outdated Bluetooth version can cause Bluetooth problems. A dead battery can cause the nuvi 360 to keep turning off when in use. If the memory card is faulty, the GPS unit may fail to recognize it.