What Are Some Common IPhone 4s Problems?


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Common problems with the iPhone 4s include failure to turn on, rapid battery drain, loss of wireless connection, failure to charge and a frozen screen. Other problems include cellular data issues, shattered screen, distorted audio and Bluetooth problems.

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Failure to turn on can be the result of a low battery or faulty logic board. Activating the push mail mode, failure to limit location services, the presence of unnecessary applications or setting the screen brightness too high can cause heavy battery drain. Dirty antenna grounds or setting the device?s network incorrectly can lead to low or lost wireless connections.

A faulty universal serial bus port, poor cable connection or a blocked dock connector can keep the iPhone 4s from charging. A major software update of the iPhone operating system can result in cellular data issues. A very low battery, failure to use the iTunes store when restoring the device?s operating system or an out of date operating system can lead to an unresponsive screen.

A malfunctioning front or rear panel can cause the glass to crash. Defective headphones and speakers, or a faulty audio jack can lead to distortion or loss of audio. Enabling restriction settings or hardware defects can result in camera problems. Bluetooth problems may be a result of signal interference or sharing data with a disabled device.

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