What Are Common Features of the Best Wireless Routers?


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Common features of the best wireless routers include components for boosting performance, connection speed, enabling remote access and establishing firewalls and filters. In addition to these common features, which come as standard on many routers, some routers contain components helping them exceed others in handling the volume of users and improving data transfer speed. Some routers require manual alterations to maximize their potential, but that small amount of manual labor often produces significant benefits.

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What Are Common Features of the Best Wireless Routers?
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Most routers offer a basic performance, safety and integrity package. Upon connecting to home computers, they establish firewalls, manage data reception and transmission and even enable parental controls. Routers connecting to wireless networks, even at home, should support WPA2, which offers the highest level of security through its encryption codes. Homes with many users benefit from routers with a higher channel width, which accommodates a higher volume of usage without sacrificing speed.

MAC filtering, a setting on most routers, lets users pre-select acceptable sites and others to have the router block. This setting also authorizes devices to use the network, and prevents foreign devices from gaining access.

Quality of Service acts as a performance enhancer for gaming and playing audio or video files. WMM support may or may not improve Internet performance, while Frame Burst transmits data at higher speeds.

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