What Are Some Common Features on an Apple Watch Phone?

What Are Some Common Features on an Apple Watch Phone?

The Apple Watch is a wearable device that features interchangeable wristbands, a digital crown, iPhone application integration, a touch-screen Retina display and a heart rate sensor. Its interchangeable wristband allows the user to customize the appearance and fit of the watch with wriststraps made of metal, colored fluoroelastomer or leather.

The fluoroelastomer bands are lightweight and flexible, serving well for sport and fitness-related applications. The metal and leather bands have a classier, more formal appearance.

The digital crown on the Apple Watch is a new input controller for navigating and operating the device's various applications and features. The digital crown allows the user to zoom in and out of photos, scroll through lists, input information or return to the home screen. The touch-screen Retina display also allows for quick navigation through the device interface.

The Apple Watch only functions when connected with an iPhone. Some of the iPhone applications that have Apple Watch integration are Mail, Music, Photos, Messages and Weather. Users can receive and respond to text messages, view photos, read emails and check the weather using the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch's haptic feedback feature alerts the user to various notifications by generating a light tap on the wrist.

The heart rate sensor detects heart rate using infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes. With this feature, Apple Watch provides a comprehensive analysis of workouts and daily activity.