What Are Some Common Errors on Windows 7?


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Common errors on Windows 7 include Vista upgrade hanging at 62 percent, invisible DVD drive, failing Aero theme, missing explorer folders, HP Multifunction Printer Defects and Windows 7 themes changing custom icons. Other errors include program incompatibility, Windows Live Moneymaker failures and poor video quality.

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Vista upgrades hanging at 62 percent in Microsoft 7 is caused by an unresponsive Iphlpsvc service. It is also caused by a running service in the background that prevents the completion of the upgrade. Failure by Windows 7 to load drivers required for the device causes the DVD drive to become invisible. The error is also caused by damaged or incomplete configuration information for the DVD drive.

Partial enabling of the Aero theme and turning off transparency setting causes Aero errors. The problem is also caused by disabling or editing of Aero in the registry. Explorers folder errors are caused by a damaged registry key. The error leads to disabling of the Recycle Bin and the Control Panel. HP Multifunction Printer errors in Microsoft 7 are caused by damaged Registry entries and files during Windows migration.

Program incompatibility errors in Microsoft 7 are caused by failure to do a manual check with other programs at Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Windows Live Moneymaker errors are caused by unsupported file formats, use of old versions of Moneymaker, outdated video card drivers and lack of the proper codecs. Video quality errors are caused by an incompatible video card driver and poor color calibrations.

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