What Are Some of the Most Common Error Codes From Microsoft?


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Common Microsoft security software error codes include 0x8004ff00, which indicates that another Windows installer is running, and 0x8004ff81, which indicates the presence of malware that may prevent security software from installing properly. The security software error code 0x80508023 means that malware may prevent the user from scanning the device.

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Common Windows update error codes include 0x80240021, which means the operation did not complete because it timed out. The update error code 0x80240022 means that all updates in the operation failed. The system may generate error code 0x80240024 if there are no available updates.

Data store error codes include 0x80248003, which means that a table is missing from the data store. Code 0x80248006 means that the expected version and the current version do not match. Error code 0x8024801A indicates a disallowed operation.

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