What Are the Most Common ERP User-Adoption Problems?


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Panorama Consulting Solutions reveals that common problems in ERP user adoption are failure to realize its benefits, lack of adequate knowledge and skills, poor participation in the implementation stage, resistance to change, friction with managerial staff and difficulties in integrating ERP with current systems. When employees are not trained on the use of ERP, they may be unable to apply new systems in business activities, leading to adoption problems.

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TechRepublic reveals that problems in ERP adoption are often related to organizational factors and not the software itself. Even if ERP software is perfect, failure in user adoption causes system implementation failure. When organizations fail to re-engineer their business activities and processes before implementing an ERP system, failure is likely to happen. All business transactions must be aligned with the ERP. The responsibilities, roles and tasks of employees must be defined before ERP implementation so that they can understand their contribution to the business processes under the new system.

Successful ERP implementation is achieved if the new systems are ingrained into organizational culture. Effective change management strategies and methods are used to prevent ERP failure. Adequate investment in training programs and reward systems contributes to the success of the ERP implementation process. Training allows users to navigate through complex ERP interfaces with ease.

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